Gaaah! My boyfriend just told the world he’s breaking up with me, on Facebook…

A few nice ordinateur portable images I found:

Gaaah! My boyfriend just told the world he’s breaking up with me, on Facebook…
ordinateur portable
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Dec 13, 2009 Wikihow blog with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page. It was also published in a Nov 28, 2009 blog titled "Dump As I Say, Not As I Do." And it was published in an Apr 26, 2010 Chilean blog titled "IDUMP4U termina un pololeo por ti." It was also published in a Dec 2, 2010 blog titled "옵티머스 허브? 곧 출시되는 옵티머스 마하(LG-LU3000)와 안드로이드 2.3 진저브레드가 탑재된 넥서스S의 소식들! 출시일, 기능, 가격, 스펙이 궁금하신가요?." It was also published in a Feb 27, 2011 blog titled "DE LA DIFFICULTÉ DE LA RUPTURE AMOUREUSE À L’ÈRE DES RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX." And it was published in an undated (early Mar 2011) blog. It was also published in a Mar 8, 2010 blog titled "They’re Using Online Scheduling…Why Not You?" And it was published in a Jun 1, 2011 blog titled "WHO lists cell phones as possibly carcinogenic with coffee, car exhaust, working nights." It was also published as an illustration in a Sep 8, 2011 blog titled "Finding emotional freedom from a past relationship." And it was published in a Dec 21, 2011 blog titled "Des ordinateurs portables… vraiment portables."

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Jan 31,2012 blog titled "Rejected and Don’t Know Why? There’s an App for That." And it was published in an Apr 23, 2012 blog titled "Does Social Media Make Us Lonely?" It was also published in a May 17, 2012 blog titled "Facebook純正アプリの代わりになるか?「Commpo for Facebook」を試してみた!" It was also published in a Jun 7, 2012 blog titled "17 Useful & Fun Smartphone Apps for the College Student." And it was published in a Jul 13, 2012 blog titled "Mandarin Love: Breaking Up (In Chinese)." It was also published in a Jul 31, 2012 blog titled "What to When Your Dream Job Becomes a Nightmare."


The streets were wet when I got up a few days ago, and the weather forecast called for rain throughout the day. Consequently, I decided to spend my half-hour of daily "photography time," during my lunch-break, down in the subway station, where I knew I could stay dry. Since I had a mid-afternoon appointment on 72nd Street, I decided that instead of photographing at my own local subway stop, I would take the train downtown and hunker down in a quiet corner to see what came my way. I found a quiet bench on the downtown side of the 72nd Street IRT line, and sat patiently to see what would happen across the tracks, on the uptown side… Later in the afternoon, when it was time to head back home, I spent half an hour sitting on the uptown side of the tracks, waiting to see how people were behaving across the way…

As is often the case, I got a consistent sense of solitude, isolation, wistfulness and even loneliness on the part of the subway riders I was observing; maybe the gloomy weather up above made them all pensive, or maybe that’s the way they always are, when alone in the subway. Whatever the reason, there were only one or two cases where I saw people laughing, smiling, or chatting cheerfully with one another.

As with the last subway group that I shot at ISO 6400, there’s a little bit of noise/graininess in these images — but I decided to leave them that way. I did adjust the "hot spots" (areas over-exposed from the fluorescent lighting in the subway station) and "cold spots" (shadows and dark areas), and punched up the color a little bit. But aside from that, this is yet another view of the typical daytime scene on a typical NYC subway line…


Over the years, I’ve seen various photos of the NYC subway "scene," usually in black-and-white format. But during a recent class on street photography at the NYC International Center of Photography (ICP), I saw lots and lots of terrific subway shots taken by my fellow classmates … so I was inspired to start taking a few myself.

So far, I’m taking photos in color; I don’t feel any need to make the scene look darker and grimier than it already is. To avoid disruption, and to avoid drawing attention to myself, I’m not using flash shots; but because of the relatively low level of lighting, I’m generally using an ISO setting of 800 or 1600 — except for my most recent photos with my new Nikon D700, which are all shot at ISO 6400.

I may eventually use a small "pocket" digital camera, but the initial photos have been taken with my somewhat large, bulky Nikon D700 DSLR. If I’m photographing people on the other side of the tracks in a subway station, there’s no problem holding up the camera, composing the shot, and taking it in full view of everyone — indeed, hardly anyone pays attention to what’s going on across the tracks, and most people are lost in their own little world, reading a book or listening to music. But if I’m taking photos inside a subway car, I normally set the camera lens to a wide angle (18mm) setting, point it in the general direction of the subject(s), and shoot without framing or composing.

So far it seems to be working … we’ll see how it goes…

Dell Inspiron M101z – 2low
ordinateur portable
Image by louisvolant
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