A few nice téléphone mobile images I found:

téléphone mobile
Image by Roel Wijnants
Telephone (song) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mobile telephone pole
téléphone mobile
Image by gsbrown99
How a telephone pole gets from here to there, on an AEP truck.

(But do you still call it a “telephone pole” if it’s on an electric company truck?)

Telephone Use
téléphone mobile
Image by John Carleton
"All patrons who use a private cellular telephone, a similar mobile communication unit, or public telephone at Bay Meadows are advised that the use of such equipment is allowed for lawful personal and/or business purposes only. Patrons are cautioned that the use of such equipment for the purpose of enganging in any form of illegal wagering or transmission of odds, race results, or related gambling information is strictly prohibited and may be a violation of U.S. Code (Title 18, Section 1084) and the law of California and is strictly prohibited as a matter of track policy."

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