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19th Century Technology
high tech
Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
A cyclist rides his bike up Santa Clara Street in San Jose, California. While thousands of high technology engineers and researchers in Silicon Valley ride their bikes to their high technology jobs, North Carolina 10th Congressional District Representative Patrick McHenry mocks cycling as 19th Century technology unsuitable for modern transportation needs.

I suppose McHenry’s home in the backwoods of Catawba County gives him plenty of first hand knowledge of 19th century technology.

Apologies for the snootiness, but McHenry deserves it. My cycling blog.

Textured metal surface
high tech
Image by spectrumtextures
Free High Resolution Textures on my .com site.

Superman’s Secret, Revealed!
high tech
Image by cobalt123
A larger-than-life action figure, seen at the Tempe Cinema in Tempe, Arizona. Somehow I thought a Superman would have a better tech solution to fastening his cape.

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