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Alan Wotherspoon
Image by cstm-mstc
Karsh and Me

I grew up in Ottawa and my entire career was in Ottawa as a teacher, department head and principal with the former Ottawa Board of Education. Attached is my resume.

I had the privilege of being the principal of Glebe Collegiate from 1979 – 1987. Sometime during 1986 I was enjoying a relaxing time after work with some friends at a popular establishment in “Little Italy”. The conversation got around to my expected transfer from Glebe in the next year or so. Someone said: “I guess we will have to get your picture taken before you go”. This led to a conversation as to how that could be set up in such a way to show that we do things differently at Glebe. “What about getting Karsh to do your portrait” someone said. I think I interjected that it would too expensive, probably not possible to arrange and who would notice? As all the portraits of previous principals to that date were in colour someone piped in that it would be noticed if Mr. Karsh did the portrait in black and white. That got the ball rolling. Brian Doyle (the well known author who was then an English teacher at Glebe) allowed as how a niece (I think a niece not nephew) of Karsh’s had attended Glebe and participated in our annual school shows. He said he would contact Mr. Karsh and see what could be done.

Mr. Karsh agreed to take my portrait. One of the conditions was that we would have to submit an anecdotal biography of me in advance of him seeing me. Brian prepared this and off I went to my appointment with the great Karsh – I was very nervous!

Well Mr. Karsh was very charming and soon put me at ease. We chatted in his living room for about half an hour and then we went into his studio for another half hour or so. Then back to the living room. I asked him how he knew when to release the shutter when he was doing a portrait. I will never forget his answer. He said that he carefully read the biography that had been sent to him and then expanded his knowledge of me as we chatted. Then when he is looking through the lens as soon as he sees the Alan Wotherspoon he has gotten to know he takes the picture.

Mr. Karsh asked me to return and view the proofs about a week later. Before I left I told him that I had a signed copy of his famous Churchill portrait. He asked me to bring it with me. So the next week I brought it along (as well as a jar of my home made marmalade). He very pleased to see the Churchill photo and remarked that the paper he used in those days was better than many of the papers available to-day. We had a wonderful chat and I met his charming wife. We chose two proofs – one that would be used to hang at the school and another for my family. They are attached – Alan-Karsh001 is the formal school portrait that now hangs in the main entrance at Glebe Collegiate (where my son-in-law is now a vice-principal) and Alan-Karsh002 is the one that hangs in our families’ homes.

Having Mr. Karsh take my portrait was a great privilege and an experience I will never forget.

Alan Wotherspoon
Peterborough, Ontario

Festival Karsh

Canada Science and Technology Museum / Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada

Exposition itinérante : Panthéon canadien des sciences et du génie
Image by mstcweb
Rencontrez 48 chefs de file qui ont aidé à façonner le Canada – et le monde entier. Découvrez les accomplissements remarquables et les contributions importantes de scientifiques, d’ingénieurs et d’innovateurs canadiens qui ont inspiré cette exposition.

Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada

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