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Best 0 Laptops: Holiday 2014
[Note: prices are changing a lot right now; there are sales that come and go, and some of the prices we quote will inevitably change. Please view these recommendations as general guidelines for what sort of laptops you can find at various price points …
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Now crowdfunding: A laptop that protects your digital rights
Do you have any idea what your laptop is doing deep down? Is there any way to find out? Usually, the answer is no. Anything could be in there, and as Edward Snowden's revelations have disclosed, plenty of people in official positions want to make sure …
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Police: Man steals laptop from Glencliff High School
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -. A man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly stole a laptop worth $ 1,300 from Glencliff High School in early November. Police reported Marcel Butler, 22, was seen on surveillance video on Nov. 8 inside the school, going from room …
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