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The magical disappearing MacBook Air
Apple's ultra-thin MacBook Air already owns the "sleek and sexy" high end of the market, but it could theoretically be so much thinner… if not for those pesky USB, Thunderbolt and MagSafe ports. That may be why the laptop hardware rumor du jour has …

Apple's next MacBook could be a 12-inch MacBook Air
If 9to5Mac's latest findings are true, than Apple's biggest product of the year could be the MacBook Air. (You know, right behind the Apple Watch.) According to early reports, Apple has completely redesigned the MacBook Air, ditching the full-sized USB …
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Awesome MacBook dock looks like it was designed by Apple
A small company based in San Francisco, Henge Docks is already known for its vertical MacBook dock and Gravitas dock for iOS devices. Customers clamored for a horizontal MacBook dock that didn't require a secondary display, and the finalized version is …
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