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Moleskine Livescribe Notebook Plays Nice With iPad
Moleksine, the makers of fine notebooks favored by novelists and people who like to be considered novelists, are perhaps the last company one would expect to go digital. And in a way, they haven't. Their new Livescribe notebooks are still made of paper …
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'Notebook' shines unflinching light on horrors of World War II
The boys console themselves by reading the Bible, and, following an earlier suggestion of their father, a soldier, record their experiences in a notebook in a style that emphasizes objectivity over emotion. (The film is based on Agota Kristof's well …
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Nacho Monreal takes to Twitter to describe The Notebook as a
Arsenal left back Nacho Monreal took to Twitter to reveal his admiration for American film The Notebook. Monreal stated his love for the 2004 romantic drama film on Wednesday night – when England were playing Norway and Germany were taking on …
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