Nazareth adult soap box derby race .

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Nazareth adult soap box derby race .
Image by JARM13
An ultra minimalist car thingy well built out of aluminum . Pretty cool very high tech , he would lay face down on it . It looked awfully wobbly to me , but I think he won at least his first heat of the day .

foster and partners, london stansted airport, UK 1981-1991
Image by seier+seier
london stansted airport, stansted, england 1981-1991.
architects: foster and partners, norman foster, b. 1935.

arriving by driverless train to the terminal at stansted still holds much of the magic felt when the airport – one of foster’s best projects – was new in the early nineties, even if its true qualities have little to do with its original high-tech label.

by london airport standards, things like daylight, breathable air, and knowing where to go – all characteristics of stansted – remain magical. as in unobtainable. inexplicable. what must be two of the world’s worst airports, gatwick and heathrow seem purpose-built to ruin foreigners’ first impression of england. or, in our case, last impressions as we left from gatwick.

at gatwick, the entire staff appeared stunned by the fact that passengers had shown up again after how they had been treated the day before. very little happened very slowly. for what felt like hours, we were led through a maze of dark, smelly rooms unfit for their purpose by people unfit to lead, and the only thought going through my mind was that if the people responsible for flying ever mixed with the people running the terminal, planes would start crashing all over britain.

but gatwick couldn’t ruin our improvised tour of southern england of which stansted had only been the first treat of many. they failed at that too.

Student Group of City Planning Invitation
Image by Ikhlasul Amal
They discussed about Bandung city planning that accommodates high tech necessities. BHTV was invited to give speech.

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