Nice Technologie photos

A few nice technologie images I found:

Stanley Thompson
Image by cstm-mstc
The attached image of Stanley Thompson was taken by Karsh in 1948 at his Chateau Laurier studio. Thompson, in 2008, was recognized as a person of national significance¹ by the federal government. A Canadian, he is regarded as one of the world¹s great golf course architects. Born in 1983, he died in 1953.

The Stanley Thompson Society has established an extensive archive at the University of Guelph. It is there where one of three original signed prints is stored.

More information can be obtained about Thompson at

Submitted by
William Newton
Executive Director, Stanley Thompson Society

Festival Karsh

Canada Science and Technology Museum / Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada

George McFarlane
Image by cstm-mstc
Attached are some pictures taken by Mr. Karsh – my parent’s wedding at the Chateau Laurier on April 24, 1937. I understand that Karsh had brides go to his studio for portraits, but these were taken on site. Subjects are William James (Jack) McFarlane and Alice Lorraine Hughes. Attendant was Cambelline Moody. I have other pictures but they are framed and I am reluctant to take them out of the frames.

Children are Nancy McFarlane (me) and my brother George McFarlane. They were taken in 1943 or 44.

Yousuf Karsh bought the lot for his house on the Prescott Highway from my grandfather, George J. McFarlane in the 1930s. Yousuf and his first wife Solange built a small house and Solange, a bird lover, named it Little Wings. Yousuf later added to the original house and put in a tennis court. My parents and children Nancy and George lived next door and referred to our neighbour as ‘Uncle Karsh"

Karsh’s property has since been sold and several houses built on the site. Several houses were also built between what had been the Karsh property and the McFarlane property.

Yousuf took my parents wedding pictures – April 24th, 1937 and took my brother George and myself in 43 or 44. I still have these pictures. My Mother told me that Yousuf did not particularly like doing weddings by this time but photographed theirs on site as a personal favour.

I remember Solange as a lovely, friendly lady who gave me bird books for Christmas. She died at a young age. Yousuf was friendly but more formal. My father would sometimes take us over to see the Karshes on a Sunday morning after our hike in the fields across the highway. In those years, we were very much in the country. If the Karshes or my parents needed help, they called on each other – getting stuck in the snow on our respective long driveways brings back memories.

When I was a teenager, Yousuf offered me his tennis courts but alas, I was interested in other things. Forbes Monroe, a neighbour on the other side of the creek used to play tennis with Mr. Karsh.

By the early 70s, Yousuf and Estrallita called on my then teenaged sisters Jane and Charlotte to go over to dog sit. It was the first time we had heard of such a thing and we thought it was an indulgence of the rich and famous, but my dog-loving sisters were happy to comply.

I know of several others whose pictures Yousuf took and I will pass on your e-mail and telephone number.

I am so pleased you are doing this project and would be pleased to supply the photos I have. My mother was a beautiful bride and Mr.Karsh did her justice.

Nancy (McFarlane) Hrischenko

Festival Karsh

Canada Science and Technology Museum / Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada

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