Nice Téléphone Mobile photos

A few nice téléphone mobile images I found:

téléphone mobile
Image by Peter Kaminski
Socialtext has about 20 employees now, scattered over North America, with customers scattered around the world. During the work day, the Socialtext crew works together remotely a *lot*, over wiki, IRC, IM and voice.

A typical day at work: headphones to work by myself; a regular two-line phone with a headset, one line PSTN, one line Vonage; a cell phone with a small earpiece (hidden under everything else in this picture); a USB headset to use with my iBook, for Skype/Gizmo/Teamspeak (and, if I run out of local music); a small 40 Gb portable USB drive to haul my personal data (email, photos, bookmarks, web pages) between home and work; and a CompactFlash reader to copy photos from my camera.

I’ve been meaning to put up some hooks to hang headsets from — that would make this picture look much neater. 🙂

téléphone mobile
Image by Mat Honan
I came across these tapes and CDs (plus a whole lot more) at my dad’s. This was the tip of the iceberg. The box had hundreds more, almost all empty cases. It made me really nostalgic.

Does it get any more london than this?
téléphone mobile
Image by Divinemissn

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