Project 365 #234: 220813 Lobster Telephone

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Project 365 #234: 220813 Lobster Telephone
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Image by comedy_nose
It’s another mobile shot – shame on me.

In tribute to Dali’s famous 1938 work, Lobster Telephone, I too present surrealism – the juxtaposition of incongruous elements to provide a dream like effect.

This is the Christmas cake mix.

In a bowl.

On the front seat of my car.

This wasn’t staged. Oh dear. 😉

Filming on Corporation Street – Central Methodist Hall
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Image by ell brown
Filming has been going on at Central Methodist Hall on Corporation Street in Birmingham.

This was on the 3rd day. Parking suspended.

It is for the up and coming BBC drama The Game, set in 1970s London.

Red telephone box and old bike near the entrance to the building.

Belfast – In This Telephone Kiosk You Can Use Euros
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Image by infomatique
Although still fairly common, the number of phone boxes has declined sharply in Ireland since the late 1990s due to the boom of mobile phones. During my visit to Belfast I got the impression that the decline in Belfast has not been as great as what has occurred in Dublin.

Most telephone booths in Northern Ireland are able to accept two currencies. They are able to accept both pound sterling and euro, due to the proximity to the Republic of Ireland. Similarly, mainly in large cities in Great Britain, certain telephone booths accept both sterling and euro.

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