Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs HTC Sensation – Camera Test part 2

Versus Test 1080p Video sample- HTC Sensation and SGS2 This is just a preview test! – inside darkness with flash – outside video sample. voici un comparatif …

Mesure du DAS en temps réel grâce à Tawkon sur Samsung Galaxy S2 émis lors d’un vol moteur sur Cessna 172. Réseau Free Mobile utilisé disponible gratuitement…
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  1. What you see is what you get. Being a tech geek and owning sg2, htc
    sensation, and g2x, the video on the sensation is the more clearer/sharper,
    higher contrast, and better color. Also the macro and zoom on the camera
    and video are the best I’ve come across. The mic on the sensation is
    sensitive due to the high gain and can be annoying in windy situations if
    you have the noise cancellation hole on the back covered. For video, all
    bias aside, the sensation is better.

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