« Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl »

A few nice high tech images I found:

« Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl »
high tech
Image by Life As Art
"Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl", an installation by Mandy Greer


"Great transformations in our lives are often accompanied by a violent killing-off of old selves, and we emerge as something new, raw and exquisite. In my life, these transformations have twice come about from an excruciating love that has been signaled by an actual bloodletting. It took his ruptured organs and buckets of blood to allow myself to love my husband, and I’ll never forget the gush of beautiful viscera and what felt like the joyful expelling of my own internal organs when I gave birth to my son. Reading those entrails, I was a seer of an unknowable future." -Mandy Greer, 2006

Used on publicity materials for Mandy Greer’s show at COCA:
Hooray!! That’s what I DO this for!! I’m so glad she liked and could use this. Such an honor.

high tech
Image by Daveybot
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Good gravy I love this building. Not the kind of thing I want to create myself, but I’m glad its there for us all.

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