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Perhaps this sign is just lost?
téléphone mobile
Image by jon_gilbert
Really, my first thought was, "Hey, a payphone – you don’t see many of those anymore!"

Stiúidió Sealadach Podchraoltóireachta
téléphone mobile
Image by Imeallach
My temporary podcasting kit is proving to be very attractive in terms of convenience and portability. Microphone, mini-disc recorder and a laptop running Audacity. A 15 minute podcast takes about 30 minutes to produce this way (excluding research and preparation). 10 minutes recording (music is added later), 10 minutes post-production and encoding the MP3, 10 minutes uploading, publishing to blog and updating the feed (which I do manually).

Because I am currently without broadband at home, I do the upload and publishing from a public wifi hotspot.

What’s missing? Not much. I can’t do phone interviews with this gear. When I had my full studio setup, I used a PC running Skype and an external sound mixer. (I probably need to buy some kind of telephone hybrid now that I no longer have broadband.) Using a mixer allowed me to mix other sounds (such as music) in live which saves on the editing later – but in my case, because the podcast is so short, it’s actually quicker to import a 5 minute MP3 into Audacity than it is to sit there while it plays in real time!

Plug Point
téléphone mobile
Image by tim ellis
From the days when Mobile Phones weren’t quite as mobile, I guess.

Kings Norton Station

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