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A few nice téléphone mobile images I found:

Firmware upgrade
téléphone mobile
Image by Matti Mattila
Samsung rolled out today (9 May, 2011) a firmware upgrade to Android "Gingerbread" version 2.3.3 build PDA:JVH / PHONE:JVO / CSC:JV3 (XEE). Upgrade with Kies software first failed and I was forced to reboot the cell phone by removing the battery. I then tried upgrading it again and this time it succeeded.

No Robocalls on Cell Phones
téléphone mobile
Image by Mike Licht,
Mike Licht,

Acoustic Boards, East End Campus, John Wheatley College, Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow
téléphone mobile
Image by jisc_infonet
In this image you can see an example of the acoustic boards that are used in the ceilings of the majority of rooms in the college. These are only part of the accessibility measures put in place to aid all users whatever their abilities or disability. The acoustic boards help cut down reverberation and thus help hearing aid users, all doors also have acoustic seals to minimise corridor noise.

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